Diversey Dry Foam Carpet Care System

The Diversey Dry Foam Carpet Care system is the first low-moisture system to deliver both excellent interim and near-extraction quality cleaning. Providing unbelievably fast dry times, the system minimizes interruptions to foot traffic and can reduce labor costs.

Engineered for convenience, performance

The system incorporates several of Diversey’s innovations into one high-performance package and is made up of:

  • TASKI® by Diversey low-speed floor machine (ergodisc 200 or 175), with ergonomically formed grip, adjustable handle height, and low vibration and noise levels for comfort and safety
  • Special dry foam brushes in two sizes: 17 inches (43 cm) or 20 inches (51 cm), with a glide plate that protects the carpet, reducing drag and increasing efficiency
  • Dry foam generator that dispenses our highly effective foam to your cleaning specifications, leading to exceptionally clean carpets that dry in approximately 30 minutes
  • Diversey Dry Foam Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner releases dirt’s hold on carpet fibers